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About Akela Renae

Akela Renae is a first-time author.  Her first novella, The Cost of Baggage is due out in 2015. The story idea came to Akela in the form of a dream years ago and she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

At a very young age Akela Renae, knew that she wanted to be a writer. Growing up, you could often find her writing stories at the kitchen table while her mom cooked dinner. While she didn’t pursue English as a major in school, she knew that writing would be her ultimate career.

Akela graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and a Master in Healthcare Administration at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas. She knew that by furthering her career in healthcare, it would help fund her writing career. She calls these her Plan A and B.

In 2015, Akela Renae published her first novella – The Cost Baggage. The story idea came to Akela in a dream years ago. She decided that it was finally time to begin putting her Plan A into action and The Cost of Baggage is the finished product. She is already working on her second novel.

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