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About Akela Renae

Akela Renae is a creative writer from Dallas, Texas. Her first novella, The Cost of Baggage debuted in 2015. Since its publishing, it has received raves reviews. Akela is working on the sequel to the cost of Baggage and that will debut Spring 2020.

As a lover of the creative arts, Akela is constantly working on her next project. She recently joined a writer’s room in Dallas, where the goal to produce a pilot and several sitcoms. She is also working on her first feature film. Being a full-time writer has always been Akela’s lifelong goal and it is coming into fruition. She credits God for the stories as a good majority of them come in the form of dreams.

Akela graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and Master’s in Healthcare Administration at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas. Akela Renae knew early on that by furthering her career in healthcare, it would help fund her writing career. She calls these her Plan A and B.

Akela’s newest project is a collaboration with a local author, Carlos Harleaux. Their new book, Only For One Night will debut November 2019.

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