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Akela Renae

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The Cost of Baggage

With a rewarding career and a potential new love interest, Monique Daniels is at a crossroads in life. While she’s up for a promotion that would put her in a new tax bracket and has the perfect man to complement her new lifestyle, she’s carrying another man’s child on top of her other emotional baggage. If she doesn’t confront her past dysfunctions and acknowledge her role in them, she stands to lose everything that she’s single-handedly worked so hard for. Will the Cost of Baggage be enough to make her clear the relationship clutter in her life so she can finally move forward?

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Akela Renae

About Akela Renae

Akela Renae is a first-time author.  Her first novella, The Cost of Baggage is due out in 2015. The story idea came to Akela in the form of a dream years ago and she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

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